Latest Carp Fishing Tips

How To: Hair Rig

Tie The Hair Rig

The "Hair Rig" is where it all starts when tying your own carp catching rigs. It's an easy rig to tie and offers great bait holding properties.

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Citrus Zing Corn

Carp will love these zesty green corn! This quick and simple no fuss carp corn recipe will add a citrus twist to any of your baits.

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Top 10 Tips For Catching Big Carp

Our top 10 tips for catching and finding those big carp on your next fishing trip.

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Carp Hooks Explained

Carp Hooks

Carp fishing hooks are a vital item of tackle that should be chosen with care, as the hook is in direct contact with the fish. Wrong, cheap or blunt hooks can equal no carp!

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