How To: Hair Rig

Carp Hair Rig

The "Hair Rig" is where it all starts when tying your own Carp catching rigs.

It's an easy rig to tie and offers great bait holding properties and effective hooking capability. It's a rig that all carp anglers should master because many of the more complicated carp rigs are based or involve this method to a certain degree.

Putting in the time and practice to becoming a "GOD" at tying the basic hair rig is a must, as there is nothing worse than needing a new rig quickly or find yourself doubting as to whether you have tied it correctly in the first place. We don't want any sloppy bait presentation or your rig unraveling when your just about to hook up into that personal best fish!

A good starting point is practicing the Hair Rig from the comfort of your own home, not to mention you will then have a good excuse not to do the house work! As you become more familiar with tying the rig without the aid of diagrams you can start to execute the rig out on the bank.

Tip: Think your good do ya? Try tying the rig in total darkness!. 

So lets tuck in and start tying the rig below!

STEP 1: First thread the line through the eye of the hook.

STEP 2: Tie a simple overhand loop to form a hair loop.

STEP 3: Adjust the position of your line to get the correct length then hold the line at the eye firmly with you finger. The length is determined by the size of your bait/boilie.

If you have completed this section, well done your half way there! Lets move on to the next part of the "Hair Rig" by incorporating the "Knotless Knot"

STEP 4: Whip the main line five or six times around the shank of the hook. The direction of the whip should be away from the hook eye closure.

STEP 5: Continuine whipping down the hook shank until they sit adjacent to the point of the hook. Now make one final whip up and on top of the previous whippings. Finally thread the end of the hooklength through the back of the hook's eye once more

STEP 6: Draw down tight slowly moistening the line before doing so.

This just leaves you to tie the loose end of the rig to your chosen swivel or clip.


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