Bait Screws



 Say "Bye" to the baiting needle

 Perfect for Boilies & Tiger's

 Natural bait enticing movement

 Smooth Anti reflective coating

 Solves DIY baiting disasters!

Super quick to use

 20 bait screws per pod

Speed your way to big carp success with these perfect bait mounting marvels! Every coated bait screw comes complete with it's own little ring to make sure that your favorite baits movement doesn't become restricted on the hook, what carp could resist a naturally free floating snack!

Even the more experienced carp angler will find the advantages of not having to use bait floss, fiddling around with baiting needles and using bait stops. Leave your angling buddies in the Boilie dust! Simply slide the ring over a hook and secure in place with one of our hook beads, or include one when creating your favorite D-rig set up. All there's left to do now is simply screw on your bait!

Your Goji Bait Screws are conveniently packaged in "Pods" which is apart of our unique trademark; Tackle Pod System

Carp tackle will never be the same again! - To find out why anglers are getting more than just a product Click here

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