Flexi Ring Swivels #8



 360° movement

 Perfect for rig hinges

 Fits all size 8 rig components

 Smooth Anti reflective coating

 10 flexi ring swivels (size 8) per pod

Make your rigs perform naturally as possible underwater with the simple aid of a Flexi ring swivel. Standard size 8 barrel and eye at one end, and a secure unrestricted ring at the other. If you are a fan of Chod and Zig rigs or even just want to create a simple safety clip set up, trade your standard swivel for one of these and ensure you get more hook ups!.

Many modern rigs will require a type of hinge built in to the design. The "Flexi ring swivel" will create just that, with the added bonus of been able to mold heavy rig putty around the small eye for the perfect balanced setup.

Your Goji Flexi Ring Swivels are conveniently packaged in "Pods" which is apart of our unique trademark; Tackle Pod System

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