Hook Beads (50pcs)



 Anti slip face

 Quick and easy to use

 Fine tune your rigs

 Tight fit to hook shanks

 Perfect for Bait Screws & Rings

 50x 3mm Hook Beads per pod

These little clear rubber hook beads fit tightly onto the shank of all of our Goji hook patterns, and can be used to create a number of effective carp rig presentations for modern day setups. The larger oval face on the bead will insure that your terminal tackle will stay trapped and not slip over the bead for reliability!

A perfect choice for Bait Screws and Rig Rings allowing you to quickly fine tune the anti-eject properties of your rigs. This pod comes with 50 hook beads making it one of our best value choices for your tackle box.

Your Goji Hook Beads are conveniently packaged in "Pods" which is apart of our unique trademark; Tackle Pod System

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