Rig Putty Goji Gravel (15g)



Quality Polymer Binder
Easily Mouldable
Grips 99% of lines
High Concentration of Tungsten
15g of putty

    Our new Goji rig putty will surpass anglers expectations as we have created a more malleable binding putty at an affordable price point without compromising quality. It is suited for all conditions and can be applied to your rigs with ease.

    Goji Rig Putty is a mouldable material made from a quality polymer binder and a high concentration of tungsten powder which is 30% heavier than lead by comparable size and is non-toxic, only a small amount of the material is needed to have the same sinking benefits as conventional weights which in turn streamlines and minimises your rigs drastically.

    The uses for this type of product are endless and can lead to some very interesting rig creations, however the most common are, balancing your hookbaits, pinning down your mainline or rubbing on your hook length for extra weight.  For example the Goji Rig Putty works wonders with our Flex Ring Swivel. The putty can be securely moulded around the swivel to balance any rig effectively.

    To use:

    • Simply warm a piece of putty up by folding and kneading until it becomes soft and pliable. 
    • Mold onto your line or tackle as you wish
    • Allow to cool back down or dip in cold water to speed the hardening process up.

     As for the re usable Tin, we have purposely made it slightly larger than other brands to eliminate the difficult to open lid and remove putty problem. When the weather is not at its best, you will have no problems opening the tin with numb fingers! 

    Your Goji Rig Putty is conveniently packaged in "Pods" which is apart of our unique trademark; Tackle Pod System

    Using carp tackle will never be the same again! - To find out why anglers are getting more than just a product Click here

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