Goji Tackle - THE BRAND

A new era of carp tackle has arrived. - A perfect blend of quality products, value, and service makes us the go-to bespoke carp fishing brand to date. Every last detail has been perfected from the re-usable pod packaging, right down to the direct contact you have with the brand - after all it's you that makes a brand a success. 

Our Story

Believe it or not I owned and ran an online tackle shop for almost six years, then one day everything changed. It was September 2014 when I headed to a well known trade event.

It was at this event that I was supposed to experience the fishing lifestyle and product at its fullest. How disappointing! Most brands were stuck in there ways, hyping up trade prices and blaming it all on China! and displaying product in what look like 1980's packaging. You know the little plastic bag stapled onto a printed card. Dull or what? 

It was at this moment when I thought to myself, there must be a gap in the market for a carp fishing tackle brand that could offer, true value for money. It wasn't about making the product cheaper to buy and skimping on the quality, it was about giving the customer the most bang for his buck.

I didn't just want to stop the high quality at the product design and manufacturing end; I wanted smart packaging that could be re purposed, sharp modern distinctive branding, direct customer service and speedy delivery.

Goji Tackle was born!

Leaps & Bounds

Over the first few months the brand grew organically online and considering it was started on just £100 with little to no marketing budget, it was making waves. All we really sold back then was swivels and a few bits of end gear! 

Goji Tackle has gone from strength to strength expanding at a alarming rate to what it is today. We've done it by connecting with our customers, providing great products and service and most importantly, we only sell products that we personally believe in.

It's still early days for us, but the brand and quality tackle produced continues due to the support from our current customers.  


"Fishing is in your blood, it's your passion, it's your life"

This is why Goji Tackle sells online and deals with you direct! 

Get answers fast With many brands you would probably end up trying to contact them direct via email or over the phone to be told that "Sorry we don't deal with the public, go to the shop where you bought it from" Easier said that done for some, especially if the shop owner is not all that helpful. 

Here at Goji Tackle you deal with us direct!

Our pricing is regulated by us. You won't find yourself paying over or under the odds at any shop, as our tackle can only be purchased through us. This makes it a fair pricing structure for all of our angling customers.

Quality control is one of our top priorities. From our dispatch, the next person to touch your Goji fishing tackle will be you. You can be assured that the tackle is received in perfect condition. No more line left in the sun in the shop window display to deteriorate for six months!

Order 24/7. Goji Tackle can be ordered anytime anywhere, even when you are fishing! Our secure online shop is desktop, mobile and tablet friendly. We even have a Paypal checkout for those who prefer this payment method. 

Live stock and quick add to cart. We never really run out of stock, saving you time and effort in traveling to a shop only to find out that they don't have what you are looking for.

Free UK Delivery. Yes that's right. Speedy free delivery straight to your door, no matter how big or small the order is.