Free Returns Policy

Our FREE returns policy is simple. 

Once you have received your goods in the post you have 30 days on which to decide if you wish to return any of the items ordered.

Any items that you wish to return after 30 days will no longer be covered by our policy.


How it works in 3 simple steps


  • Step 1: You MUST make contact with us first via the contact form on this website stating the items you wish to return.


  • Step 2: If all checks out, we will email you a postage paid label which you will need to print out and attach to the front of an envelope or the original box.


  • Step 3: Post the returned item in any Royal Mail post box or at your Local Post Office (The label is only valid for 2 working days) So If you are unable to post the item on a particular day, please let us know first so we can alter the label before emailing it to you.


Once we have received the goods, we will check to make sure that the item/s are in perfect order and are in "As sold condition" unless faulty. Please Note: Any items missing may result in voiding your refund or exchange claim.

If sucessfull Goji Tackle will then contact you by email to give you the choice of either a refund or exchange